foldable boxes

Foldable Boxes

Foldable boxes have strong construction,elegant and luxurious looking,great as high end packaging solution for valued products ,that can add more quality feel.Importantly foldable boxes come in flat to save space and freight.It is the reason why foldable boxes are favored bu so many business.As foldable boxes manufacturer,4ShoppingBags specialize in manufacturing foldable boxes,foldable rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes,foldable retail boxes coming in below specification:
1 Material --made of strong paper board,paper weight range from 800g to 3000g to build very strong construction
2 Wrapped Paper: art paper,kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,white kraft paper,special paper with texture finishes
3 Printing: we can print any color on wrapped paper to glue on tray then build elegant foldable boxes for your branding and marketing
4 Print Finish: hot stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish
5 Closure: ribbon,magnetic
6 Size: custom made, any size is available
7 Quantity: no run limit
9 Guarantee high quality,cheap price,fast turnaround

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