personalized paper bags

Personalized Paper Bags

Paper bags are made by flat paper sheets,we can design special pattern and die cut on paper then to fold  into bags,it means paper bags are available in any shape as your desire. 4ShoppingBags is specialist of personalized paper bags,we can help you create personalized paper bags that will change your version into reality as your desire.Personalized paper bags are great as promotional tool because they are very different from regular shape paper bags. Personalized paper bags are super stars in street to attract more potential customer's attention.If you want special paper bags for your promotional campaigns, 4ShoppingBags is you good place for you to buy them are great competitive price,short run is available.

Promotional Paper Bags With Special Shape

personalized paper bags

The advantage of paper bags is that they are available in any shape, so it is easy to make special shape paper bags for promotional purpose. As paper bags manufacturer,4ShoppingBags specialize in manufacturing personalize paper bags,paper promotional bags with any shape to suit your promotional campaign. 

  • made of heavy weight coated paper such as card paper,art board to build strong construction
  • any shape is available to create distinctive,unique looking to suit promotional campaign
  • any color can be printed on bags for branding and marketing
  • huge handle selection to match personalized paper bags
  • short run is available---even if you just need hundreds of special shape paper bags for business events

2 Personalized Paper Bags With Inside Printing

paper bags with inside printing
paper bags with interior printing

 How to make distinctive,unique paper bags that can stand out from crown to impress your customer? Interior printing(inside printing) is perfect choice. Different from other paper bags that are just printed on outside,personalized paper bags with interior printing have distinctive and unique looking, and luxurious feeling,they are considered as high quality retail packaging products to present your business brand and product the best. As personalized paper bags manufacturer, 4ShoppingBags specialize in designing,manufacturing quality personalized paper bags with interior printing.Any color can be print on interior of paper bags and paper board of bottom,all printing can be coated with varnish even lamination to protect ink.

luxury paper bags with inside printing

 Luxury paper bags with interior printing,made of 190g card paper,matt lamination, grosgrain ribbon slotted into top of bag,die cut hole for ribbon closure,feature with inside printing on paper board of bag's bottom,when customers open bag to put something,custom logo will impress them again 

luxury paper bags with interior printing

 Luxury paper bags with interior printing,made of 200g art paper,matt lamination,hot stamping+embossing logo,ribbon closure,pp rope handle,feature with interior printing. unique looking and luxurious feeling,present the quality of business brand and products the best.

3 Trapezoid Paper Bags 

  Paper bags are made from paper sheet,so paper bags are available in any shape.And trapezoid shape is popular way to create personalized paper bags that will stand out from square shape and rectangle shape paper bags,Trapezoid shape paper bags will attract customer's attention ,printed business logo and image will become good advertisement for promotional purpose. 4ShoppingBags  specialize in manufacturing high quality trapezoid paper bags at great cheap price.No minimum order run limit.It means if you just need 200 pcs trapezoid paper bags for business event,Shopping Bags Shop can manufacture for you.

trapezoid paper bags
Trapezoid Paper Bags,made of 210g card paper with matt lamination,grosgrain ribbon handle,two pantone colors printing
trapezoid paper bags
Trapezoid Paper Bag,made of 230g card paper,with matt lamination,plastic tube handle,two colors printing for branding
luxury kraft bags with trapezoid paper bags
Trapezoid Kraft Paper Bags,made of 150g white kraft paper,two pantone color printing,grosgrain ribbon handle
trapezoid paper bags
Trapezoid Laminated Paper Bags,made of 230g art paper,matt lamination,ribbon handle,full color printing

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